Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the subscription or test access expires?
You will be able to continue using our service, but your search results will be limited. You can get full access at any time by paying for a subscription.
Does the subscription continue automatically?
No, we do not charge automatically. And we do not store payment data of users at all.
What discounts are provided for teams?
Discounts are calculated depending on the number of connected users in one team:

  • 1-2 users — $19 / month for each
  • 3-4 users — $17 / month for each (10% discount)
  • 5-9 users — $16 / month for each (15% discount)
  • 10+ users — $15 / month for each (20% discount)

Bonus weeks for subscribing immediately for a longer period are also available:

  • Subscription for 3 months — 1 week as a gift;
  • Subscription for more than 6 months — 2 weeks as a gift.
Where does TurboHiring get candidates data?
TurboHiring collects publicly available data about candidates from various sites. At the first candidate's request, we delete his data from search.
Which countries are the most candidates of your database from?
Most candidates of our database are of from Ukraine. Russia, Belarus and Poland follow.
Are you one more site with vacancies?
No, we are not a site with vacancies, we are a search engine for IT professionals in Ukraine.
Remove my data from TurboHiring
TurboHiring collects information only from open sources.

If your personal information accidentally got into our database and you want to remove it, please send an email to contact@turbohiring.co.

After that, the service administrators will remove all information about you.

Work in Turbohiring

How does search work?
We prepared short yet informative video for you (Ukrainian with English subtitles).

How to search

To form a quality request you can use operators: OR, AND, NOT, as well as their analogues "+", "-".

For example, a request designer -junior will find all the designers except juniors. While a request php +senior will find developers of the Senior level only.

To search the exact phrase you need to type it in parenthesis, i.e. ".net developer".
Now a few words about the location filter

The default setting is Ukraine, because we are currently specializing on Ukrainian IT-professionals. Here you may choose one or several cities at once, or disable the location filter when unnecessary.


The set of available filters depends on the key request and the search result. So if you change your searching request, the filters will reset.

The skills filter is important. By default it shows 15 technologies which the most candidates have.

Again, if you change the searching request, skills filter will reset as well. If you need to activate the filter that is not included into first 15 ones, you can do it manually.

Search results

We take into account the importance of the key words matching in different parts of profiles.

For example, if you are requesting "developer", candidates who have this word in their current position will be shown much higher than those, who have it in their working experience.

Also, higher preference in the list will have those who are actively for hire at the moment. These candidates are highlighted in color for ease.
Why should I install your plugin?
  1. Displaying all contacts of a candidate (from our service) when viewing his profile on LinkedIn. Even if you are not in the first degree connection with him.
  2. Selection of candidates for "folders" selected for further work with them.
Install extension for Google Chrome →
Error during paying with card. What to do?
This is frequently due to our payment method Liqpay. After their security checks you would be able to do the payment with your card. So if you could not do the payment, please wait couple of hours and try again.

Or please send us an email and we will propose alternative ways for payment.
I have a promo code. Where to enter it?
You can enter the received promo code in the section: My profile → Account.

Depending on a promo code, you may be added a different number of days for free service usage.
Leading a recruiting team
Team lead can form a team and manage subscriptions of its members

  1. Add-remove participants;
  2. Pay for a subscription of the whole team in one go or of an individual participant. Team discounts are calculated automatically;
  3. Replace a paid participant with another one. For example, when a paid user resigns, a new one can take his place free of charge;
  4. Set up team member subscription expiration notifications.
At the same time, team lead is not obliged to buy a subscription for himself, if he only manages the subscriptions of others.

How long does it take to find job seekers?
Of course, not all candidates from our database are looking for a job. But we highlight those who are in search
Do you have a question? Contact us contact@turbohiring.co
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